Paper presented at ICMC 2009

McGill University 16.08.2009 08.0021.08.2009 20.00


DBAP is a spatialisation technique (technique for distributing sound to many speakers in a surround setup) where the speakers can be positioned freely in one or more rooms. Most spatialisation techniques require the speakers to be positioned in a circle or sphere surrounding the listener. The flexibility concerning the positioning of speakers can make DBAP particularly suitable for a various installation and concert situations.

ICMC 2009 will be hosted by The Schulich School of Music at McGill University and Centre for Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) in Montreal, Canada from the 16th to the 21st of August 2009.

Participation at the conference is supported by PNEK.



T. Lossius, P. Baltazar & T. de la Hogue (2009): DBAP – Distance-based amplitude panning. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2009, Montreal. International Computer Music Association.