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Latent City

Exhibition, video programme, performances, conversations, and more, - streamed from Bergen Kjøtt Torsdag 12.11.2020 - 29.11.2020


"Latent City": Online project presentation 12.11.2020 29.11.2020
"Latent City - Invisible Fields #1" at Bergen Kjøtt 21.11.2020 21.11.2020

“It fits beautifully in the palm of your hand” by Maren Dagny Juell

See the digital presentation of the installation here. Maren Dagny Juell has been invited by BEK to develop a new work that takes as its departure the formidable development of technology in the last 20 years, that we address in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of BEK this year.

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"Latent City" 12.11.2020 29.11.2020
Guided walk 14.11.2020 14.11.2020
Guided walk (postponed) 21.11.2020 21.11.2020
Guided walk 28.11.2020 28.11.2020
Guided walk 29.11.2020 29.11.2020

“VUMA Soner”

VUMA Soner VUMA ProjectsApp with geo-triggered audio walks, plus guided walks VUMA Soner honours the voices, stories and talent of people of colour in Scandinavia. It is an app created by VUMA Projects with geo-triggered immersive audio experiences. This chapter of the app contains a collection of thoughts, reflections, and conversations, remembered or spontaneous, tied to specific landmarks, buildings and areas…

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"Latent City - Invisible Fields #2" - live streamed from Bergen Kjøtt 29.11.2020 29.11.2020

Latent City – Invisible Fields #2: Live radio, video screening, conversation and art TV

BEK welcomes you to the live programme Latent City – Invisible Fields #2 that will deal with issues related to climate, ecology and how we live together with animals, nature and each other. The way we organise ourselves in a city or in a society is thrown into sharp relief when taking unexpected perspectives, like the viewpoint of a dead…

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