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Utstilling på Hordaland kunstsenter 06.02.2021 14.03.2021

Visus Tactus Gustus by Clare and Marsh

In the Project Space, Hordaland Kunstsenter presents Visus Tactus Gustus by Eleanor Clare and Dillan Marsh. In this installation of new works the artist duo take inspiration from Munkeliv kloster. The exhibition includes a 6 channel sound installation, for which Clare and Marsh used the studio at BEK to make vocal recordings and got technical and artistic guidance throughout the process.

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SkottegatenFM at 88.6FM 06.02.2021 06.05.2021

Tune in to SkottegatenFM with Karen Werner

Karen Werner is doing a Work Residency at BEK – from home. In her dining room she has set up a SkottegatenFM transmission point from where she is transmitting daily and is helping interested neighbours broadcast from their homes. SkottegatenFM is a three-month micro-FM radio station transmitting at 88.6FM from homes on Skottegaten and surrounding streets in Nordnes. Anyone in listening range can tune in!

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Thank you Lars Ove! 25.02.2021 25.03.2021

Thank you Lars Ove!

In 2009, when Lars Ove Toft joined the BEK family as the new general manager, it might have been like arriving on the set of The Addams Family meets Home Alone. At BEK, layers upon layers of electronic art had accumulated in the corridors and storage rooms that had to be excavated and sorted. The first major purchase was a Dymo LetraTag which in the next few years would be a key tool for the milieu. Now, as Lars Ove moves on, he leaves a brand new BEK with newly renovated studios and premises and a grateful staff who are extremely well equipped for whatever may come. As members of Lars Ove’s team, we have been able to develop ourselves as both artists and professionals and have been part of a decade marked by major changes and an incredible amount of exciting art!

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