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gruppebilde.bek.no 05.08.2020 05.10.2020

Invitation: Participate in the art project “Gruppebilde Bergen 2020”

Submit a portrait of yourself and become part of a group image with Bergen’s residents! Using technology that interprets photographs and creates new images, artist Toril Johannessen will create a comprehensive group image based on submitted portrait photos. The final image will become two large tapestries for Bergen City Hall where people and their elected representatives meet. Everyone who lives…

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Stage Two, at BEK 21.09.2020 21.09.2020
Stage One, at Isotop 18.09.2020 20.09.2020

TIME CRISIS CONFERENCE: STAGE TWO, with Samuel Brzeski and Robin Everett

Working from the fast-paced and action-packed shoot-’em-up video game franchise “Time Crisis “, this project explores the crisis of the changing perception of time in the age of acceleration, and action/inaction as a response. Taking the form of an expanded reading and writing workshop at BEK, this second stage of “Time Crisis Conference” will deconstruct what constitutes the acts of…

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