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Svalbard 03.06.2024 12.06.2024

Fell, Treanor and von Hausswolff on a field trip to Svalbard

BEK has invited Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Mark Fell and Rian Treanor to a 2 week research trip to Longyearbyen and Pyramiden on Svalbard, collecting and analysing material around the settlements, industries and scientific stations, placed midst in the hostile Arctic landscape, as well as in the center of various geopolitical and geostrategic blueprints. One of the central questions behind the…

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BEK 05.06.2024 09.06.2024

Latent Soundings – A Practical Introduction to Neural Audio Synthesis & SEMILLA.AI with ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS

Join us for a workshop at BEK, where we dive into the field of neural audio synthesis, a novel audio synthesis technique enabled by advancements in real-time deep learning. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore the evolution of sound synthesis alongside artificial neural networks, train their own generative sound synthesizers and explore their sonic possibilities using SEMILLA.AI. Throughout…

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