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BEK - LAB 10.06.2019 16.06.2019
BEK - Video screening open for the public 15.06.2019 15.06.2019

Survival Kit for the Age of Technology – a Co-created Video Book

During the week of June 10 – 16th, it is time for another Future DiverCities LAB at BEK! We will use last year’s seminar Survival Kit for the Age of Technology as our point of departure, and have invited a number of artists, creatives and experts to co-create a Survival Kit for Age of Technology – in the form of a video book. The result will be released in a…

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Presentation by Natasha Barrett in Stein Rokkans Hus Studio A, Griegakademiet 06.06.2019 06.06.2019
Workshop in Stein Rokkans Hus Studio A, Griegakademiet 07.06.2019 07.06.2019
Concert in Stein Rokkans Hus Studio A, Griegakademiet 07.06.2019 07.06.2019

Sculpting Sound in Space – Sound diffusion workshop and concert

This workshop will demonstrate how performed spatialisation of stereo sources, over a moderately sized loudspeaker array, can create a dynamic, immediate, versatile and immersive 3-D sound experience, enhancing the music for a concert audience. The evening concert is open for the audience, and will feature a showcase of works from Beatriz Ferreyra, Natasha Barrett, as well as extracts from the…

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BEK - Creative Software 23.05.2019 23.05.2019
BEK - Open verktøykasse 24.05.2019 24.05.2019

Verktøykassen: Creative software

In this last Verktøykassen before the summer, we will present three different data-based creative tools: TouchDesigner, Vuo and openFrameworks. TouchDesigner and Vuo are visual exhibition platforms, while in openFrameworks you code with C ++. With these tools you can, for example, create and change video and animation in real time, create interactive user experiences or make visualization for music.

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