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Kunsthuset Kabuso - temporarily closed 01.04.2020 21.04.2020
Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese - Short introduction 29.01.2020 29.01.2020
Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese - Exhibition 08.02.2020 31.05.2020
Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese - Artist Talk (cancelled) 22.03.2020 22.03.2020

Temporarily CLOSED // The exhibition “Etter alle solemerke” at Kabuso

Maia Urstad and Lars Ove Toft will open the exhibition Etter alle solemerke at Kunsthuset Kabuso in Øystese on Saturday 8 February. But already on Wednesday, January 29, at 20.00 you can hear them introduce their project, which shows an interaction of sound and video inspired by close movements and slow changes that happen without us really being aware of…

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Voss gymnas - Commisioned work 01.04.2020 31.05.2020
Voss Gymnas - Opening 10.02.2020 10.02.2020

SPIRE by Hilde Hauan

Welcome to the opening of the new artwork SPIRE created by Hilde Hauan for Voss Gymnas, on Monday February 10th at 13.30 – 15.00. Hauan has based the spire (sprout) motif from the traditional åttebladrosa (eight-leaf-rose) motif, and developed the pattern that has been sandblasted onto the glass. Hauan has been assisted by BEK/Stian Remvik to explore how the light…

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BEK - Video Book 01.04.2020 30.06.2020

Survival Kit for the Age of Technology – a Co-created Video Book on Vimeo

Last year’s Future DiverCities LAB at BEK! We used the seminar Survival Kit for the Age of Technology in 2018 as our point of departure, and invited a number of artists, creatives and experts to co-create a real Survival Kit for Age of Technology – in the form of a video book. The result was released in a video screening, open for the public at BEK on Saturday June 15th…

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