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BEK 17.06.2019 19.06.2019
25.09.2019 29.09.2019

Work Residency: Gisle Martens Meyer

On a nationwide cinema tour with the Norwegian silent movie classic “Brudeferden i Hardanger” (1926), Ugress, Krakow, 9 grader nord, Nasra Ali Omar and Annlaug Børsheim aim to redefine romantic nationalism: What does being “Norwegian” mean in 2020? This will be a grand new musical work, performed by a superband from Western Norway, commissioned by Cinemateket USF, that premieres at BIFF and Vill Vill Vest in…

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Kunsthall 3,14 Bergen 20.09.2019 08.12.2019

Unending Lightning by Cristina Lucas

Cristina Lucas 3-channel six-plus hour long video installation “Unending Lightning” (2015-) is an open-ended work in progress, comprised of global cartography of aerial warfare that shows all aerial bombings over civilians since its implementation. The project is composed around historical investigation that is endless, and grievously ongoing due to current events. For the exhibition at Kunsthall 3,14, Stian Remvik at…

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