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In the sound studio 28.06.2021 04.07.2021
In the sound studio 02.08.2021 03.08.2021

Work Residency: Hilde Annine Hasselberg

During her work residency at BEK, singer and composer Hilde Annine Hasselberg will prepare audio material for the project Et lite barn (A Little Child); a concert that draws parallels between the Christmas gospel and the current refugee crisis. The sound material will mainly be developed in Ableton Live with the use of natural sounds related to the story being told in the work. During the concert, this sound material will function both as an audible backdrop and as an instrument that Hasselberg can use live on stage.

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Workshop in Bergen and online 05.09.2021 07.11.2021

Awne – a workshop with Lars Holdhus

Awne is an approach to art making where natural farming, agroforestry, buddhism, cosmocentric farming, biocultural systems, forest gardening and biomimicry meet sound and art. By looking at different ways of positioning yourself as nature (instead of in nature) you can take a different approach to your own practice. By exploring and applying Awne you can increase your awareness of different processes that occur around us, the complexity of these processes, the sustainability of your practice and your place as nature.

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