Privacy Policy

Most web sites use cookies to improve the user experience and to further develop the website. The cookies can not be traced back to individuals, and do not contain personal information.

Use of cookies
BEK use cookies to analyze the user pattern on the site. This is a standard technology that most web sites use today. Cookies are small text files or binary data that the website stores on the user’s computer. The files can only be read by the administration of the site and by the user him/herself. Use of the site can not be traced back to individuals.

The purpose of cookies is to get statistics about the use of the site to help further develop and improve the service. Cookies do not contain personal information. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by changing the settings in your browser.

Google Analytics Analysis Tool
BEK uses Google Analytics in connection with the site. Here, information about how visitors use the site is collected and evaluated. Google Analytics also uses cookies. Google Analytics only receives general statistics, such as browser type, time, language, and which website the user is from. Motivated information is subject to Googles privacy policy.

BEK offers interested to receive newsletters. The service requires registration of the user’s email address. The address is only used for sending newsletters.

Information about artists / practitioners and projects
BEK communicates about artists / practitioners about their projects on our websites and in our social media. We would like to note that using BEK’s resources and networks will allow information about this to be shared in our channels. The motivation of the communication is to promote content to increase visibility and understanding of art and technology and promote its place in society.