Jamoma is an open-source set of software libraries for multimedia processing in Cycling’74 Max, C and C++ applications and other hosting environments. It has been in development since 2003, and is being used for a wide range of artistic projects internationally, including music, works for stage, installations and more. It is also being used for research into spatial audio and issues in music cognition, sensor technologies and machine learning.


The Ambisonic Toolkit

ATK for Reaper is a set of plugins for first-order ambisonic surround sound processing in the REAPER DAW.



The Modality Toolkit simplifies creation of highly personalised electronic instruments in SuperCollider . It’s a creation of a modal interface, i.e. an interface where a physical controller can be used for different purposes in different contexts. Modality supports 82 different devices. Find the device list, and read more at the Modality Toolkit web site on Github.

Tablet application developement

One of the tablet applications that has been developed at BEK is the “BITWaves”. Primarily a tool for use in BIT20 Ensemble‘s outreach composition program, but available on AppStore og GooglePlay.



Stian Remvik has also done quite a bit of development on the Raspberry Pi, notes are documented here.

We also document our series of courses Verktøykassen (The Toolbox) here.