An important focus for BEK is to further develop and exchange technological expertise, tools and methods within the art scene. We arrange workshops both for professional artists and beginners.

We’re attentive to requests from the local community about thematics for workshops, also following closely the technological development on the global scene to be aware of which themetics, methods and tools we need to include in our workshop programme. We often arrange workshops in collaboration with our partners – Notam, Borealis, Nuts And Bolts, Ekko, and others. In the last few years, we’ve carried out workshops led by, among others, Suzanne Kite, Jennifer Gabrys, Ibiye Camp, Alan Courtis, Susan Schuppli, Mark Fell, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Antoine Caillon, Ioana Vreme Moser, and Rian Treanor.

All our workshops are announced on our website and in the newsletter. Students may also take part. Most of the workshops are free; occasionally, we ask for a fee to cover material costs.

Recent workshops at BEK:

Introduction workshop to coding noises in SuperCollider with Tijs Ham.

Workshop on microphones – led by Elaine Tasia Maltezos.

Touched by Sound – a workshop with Boris Shershenkov.

Expanded Listening – a workshop by Alan Courtis.

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