The Only Lasting Truth is Change is an annual international multidisciplinary symposium exploring how artistic practice and its methods and strategies is subject to constant change in response to the political, technological, and ecological state of the world. The symposium borrows its title from the groundbreaking science fiction author Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.

Arranged by BEK in collaboration with several local partners, the symposium invites Norwegian and international artist, data developers, curators, writers, and researchers from various fields to explore and reflect on the changing configurations of art, technology, nature, and power – each year offering new, contemporary angles. The symposium takes place in Bergen.

Earlier editions of the symposium:

The Only Lasting Truth is Change 2023: Hallucinating – Computing – Collapsing

The Only Lasting Truth is Change 2022: Anarchy – Traces – Mountains 

The Only Lasting Truth is Change 2021: Digitalisation – Time – Justice 

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