Workshop on spatialisation

BEK 02.07.2007 10.0005.07.2007 17.00


Spatialisation is a key area for current research and development in Jamoma, with development aiming at support for various methods of spatialisation and a standardized interface for interacting with them. Development of SpatDIF (Spatialisation Description Interchange Format) has been proposed as a standardized protocol for communicating spatial control data. Being based on Open Sound Control, SpatDIF also relates to other standards such as SDIF (Sound Description Interchange Format) and GDIF (Gestural Description Interchange Format).

The workshop will be focusing on discussions and development concerning:

  • Design of SpatDIF – Spatialisation Description Interchange Format
  • Specification and prototyping of SpatDIF? implementation in Jamoma
  • Review of current development of modules for spatialisation in Jamoma
  • Spatialisation – Further Development – Design of modules for spatialisation in Jamoma
  • Towards a specification of a UnitLib: What does SpatDIF? imply in terms of different units and types of coordinates?

As part of the workshop, three public presentations will be given:

Monday 3rd 1400-1530:
Alexander Refsum Jensenius:
ACTIONSOUND: Developing methods and tools to study music-related body movement.

Tuesday 4th 1400-1530:
Nils Peters:
Spatialization using virtual microphone control (VimMiC)

Wednesday 5th 1400-1530:
Pascal Baltazar and Mathieu Chamagne:
Physical interfaces and physical models for musical expression

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