Verktøykassen: Sound recording

BEK - Sound recording 17.10.2019 11.0017.10.2019 15.00


In this Verktøykassen we will do sound recordings, and look into how different microphones can be used for different purposes. When is it good to use a directional microphone? And what microphones and microphone techniques are useful in field recordings? We will go through contact microphones, shotgun, stereo microphones, dpa, ambisonic, microphones for electromagnetic recordings, hydrophones, geophones, parabolas and microphone arrays. This Verktøykassen will be led by Espen Sommer Eide.

Thursday October 17 at 11.00 – 15.00: Today’s theme – Sound recording
Registration by Tuesday October 15 to Please let us know of questions and/or issues that you wish to address in Verktøykassen (beyond today’s theme). Bring your own laptop.

It is possible for the course participants to continue working on Friday October 18, as microphones and other equipment we use in Verktøykassen on Thursday will be available. Note that no course leaders are present on this day and that the participants must work independently.

Verktøykassen is free and open to everyone, and will be held in Norwegian and/or English as needed.

Previous topics in Verktøykassen

Image from field recording at Mongstad during Reality-based Audio Workshop.
Photo: Jiska Huizing.

About Verktøykassen

Verktøykassen (the Toolbox) is BEK’s new meeting place to learn about and try out technical tools, be it both hardware and software. There is a low threshold for participation and a high hands-on factor. Each time, a new “theme of the day” is launched, and the participants can come with inputs or questions that are raised jointly. Vertøykassen takes place regularly, and is usually led by game developer and programmer Stian Remvik.

About Espen Sommer Eide

Espen Sommer Eide is a composer and artist based in Bergen, Norway, and is the resident advisor for art and techology at BEK. Using music and sound as both method and medium, his artistic practice involves long-term engagement with specific landscapes, archives, languages and rhythms, with an experimental approach to local and embodied knowledge. In addition to installation and performances, he has been a prominent representative of experimental electronic music from Norway, with main projects Alog and Phonophani, and a string of releases on the labels such as Rune Grammofon, FatCat and Hubro.

Espen Sommer Eide