Torn Tracks at Vestlandsutstillingen in Kunstgarasjen

Kunstgarasjen, Bergen 10.10.2019 19.0003.11.2019


For the Vestlandsutstillingen 2019, Jiska Huizing was invited with the project Torn Tracks to create site-specific sound works for all the six places the exhibition has visited. BEK/Espen Sommer Eide has helped develop Torn Tracks, which is a digital interactive platform with different ways to search and organize the collection of tracks and sounds that form the basis of the project.

Huizing has visited the six locations Ålesund, Haugesund, Øystese, Stavanger, Førde and Bergen for each work for Vestlandsutstillingen 2019. On trips in the cities and in the surrounding areas, she has recorded sounds, as well as taken pictures and written every day, to build an archive with which she could then create the works.

The soundwork for Bergen is the latest in this series and is based on a visit to the city in July. The experience of Bergen as a place was very different from the other five places in Western Norway as Huizing has lived here for several years, but recently moved away. This work, unlike the previous, is not an examination of a new place, but rather an exercise in seeing a place again. Memories associated with the sites and of former Torn Tracks works made while she was still living in Bergen have also been featured in the final work.

Performance on the opening
Opening: 19:00
Performance: ca. 19:30

At the opening, Huizing presents a live performance, as a form of active looking back at all the works she has made for Vestlandsutstillingen. She guides the audience through the works and reflects on them in the context of the entire Torn Tracks project; how the works relate to each other and the places, reorganize parts, use things that were not included and create something new.

About Vestlandsutstillingen 2019

Vestlandsutstillingen 2019, Vi er stedene (We Are The Places), is an exhibition of works made by 35 artists who are in various ways associated with Western Norway. They have made art here, grew up here, lived here and acquired other strong ties to the region. The presentation takes the form of a group exhibition and site-specific works for each exhibition site, as well as a publication that both exhibits works of art and contains a longer text on Vestlandsutstillingen 2019 – the last year with the region as we know it today. The curator and author of the 2019 Vestlandsutstillingen is Marte Danielsen Jølbo from Stavanger.

Torn Tracks
Jiska Huizing
Vestlandsutstillingen 2019

Photos 1 – 2 by Jiska Huizing, 3 by Douwe Huizing