The SpatDIF library – Concepts and Practical Applications in Audio Software

The joint ICMC|SMC|2014 Conference, Athens, Greece 14.09.2014 19.0020.09.2014 23.00


The paper is available for download here.

The SpatDIF library – Concepts and Practical Applications in Audio Software

by Jan C. Schacher (Zurich University of the Arts Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST), Chikashi Miyama (University of Music, Cologne Studio for Electronic Music) and Trond Lossius (BEK).


The development of SpatDIF, the Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format, continues with the implementation of concrete software tools. In order to make SpatDIF usable in audio workflows, two types of code implementations are developed. The first is the C/C++ software library `libspatdif’, whose purpose is to provide a reference implementation of SpatDIF. The class structure of this library and its main components embodies the principles derived from the concepts and specification of SpatDIF. The second type of tool are specific implementations in audio programming environments, which demonstrate the methods and best-use practices for working with SpatDIF. Two practical scenarios demonstrates the use of an external in MaxMSP and Pure Data as well as the implementation of the same example in a C++ environment. A short-term goal is the complete implementation of the existing specification within the library. A long-term perspective is to develop additional extensions that will further increase the utility of the SpatDIF format.