Studio Residency: Emily Adomah

BEK 01.08.2023 13.08.2023


When does sound turn into noise, and noise into pollution? The Bergen-based artist Emily Adomah has been doing a studio residency in the sound studio at BEK the last couple of weeks.

Adomah works with the project “pollution”, where she examines the relationship between people and sound pollution. By approaching background sounds in different landscapes, she explores how one consciously or unconsciously accepts these, and the emotional response that can come from being confronted with these sounds. In her residency she is composing for a sound piece, using field recordings, and live processing of these recordings with vocal delay and looping.

Emily Adomah

Emily Adomah is a singer, composer and dj, graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music. In addition to having performed on several of Bergen’s stages with her solo project, she has composed music for film and dance. On 18 August, she will perform material from this studio residency at BEK’s summer party in C. Sundts gate 55. This is Adomah’s first residency at BEK.

Photo 1 by Edith Lindtner, 2 by BEK, 3 by Emily Adomah