BEK Summer Party 18 August

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor 18.08.2023 19.0018.08.2023 23.59


We would love to invite you to BEK’s summer party on Friday 18 August at 19:00 to celebrate BEK-community and the last days of summer!

We will open the party with grilling on our balcony, and after that invite you to work-in-progress presentations by our current artists-in-residence Pavel Sterec and Emily Adomah.

Pavel Sterec, working currently in BEK’s video studio, will share some glimpses into his work and screen excerpts from a video-essay he is developing for his multimedia project “Stakhanovites of Transformation”. 

During her stay in BEK’s sound studio, Emily Adomah has been exploring sound pollution, and employing it in her compositions through field recordings and live processing. At BEK summer party Adomah will perform a live-set with some of the new materials.

We will heat up our barbecue, prepare some salads and snacks and serve you a welcome drink! Please bring whatever you would like to grill, and whatever else you need for good summer vibes.

The summer party is free and open to anyone, and a great possibility for meeting and getting to know BEK and our community.

Contributing artists: 

Pavel Sterec is an artist, living and working in Prague. He combines performance, object, installation, photography and other media in a variety of ways. His interest circles around the issues of research, science, museums and archives, social structures and our dependency on tangible or symbolic capital.

Emily Adomah is a singer, composer and dj, graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music, based in Bergen. In addition to having performed on several of Bergen’s stages with her solo project, she has composed music for film and dance.

Picture: The tape project “Continuous re-mark” by Den Uferdige Institusjon, from last year’s summer party. Photo: Kaeto Sweeney