Artists have the possibility of using equipment at BEK during studio residencies in our spaces and while developing projects commissioned by BEK. We cannot provide equipment on a general basis and do not lend equipment externally.

As an artist/performer in studio residency, you can get access to equipment for production, our space and our competence through guidance and consulting. Open calls for studio residencies are announced on our website and in our newsletter.

These resources are available for artists and performers in studio residencies:

Guidance and consulting about art and technology
Our employees can, by appointment, guide you in artistic, technical and administrative issues in your project.

Project room
At BEK we have two medium-sized project rooms. They can be merged into one large space earmarked for project development and sharing of process or results from art and technology projects.

Sound studio
We have a professional sound studio with a dynAudio acoustics 5.1 sound system, iMac and sound card. You can easily connect your own laptop and sound card to the system.

Video studio
We have a professional video studio with powerful tools that can handle heavy files. You can access editing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve, and more. We will give you more detailed information when you contact us.

Electronic workshop
Our electronic workshop provides basic equipment for modification and construction of various technology units. Here you can screw, drill, solder, build, test, and measure the electronic components you need in your project. We have a limited reserve of spare parts, and you have to bring your own parts or supplement the reserve if you need something from there.

Equipment for production
BEK has equipment for art production for artists and practitioners, which is available through project collaboration. A brief introduction to the equipment will be given, but we do not have technicians or others who can assist the project along the way. On request you can get more information and overview of equipment.

The promoting of your project
We promote you and the project you develop through BEK on our website, and in our other channels.

What you give back
Using us is free, but you give a presentation of the process or the project, or an artist talk, by appointment. Visibility of BEK as a partner where the work/project is shown or presented is also included in the agreement.