As a partner and venue you can enter into collaboration with BEK on project basis, with the common goal to strengthen artist’s conditions for showing their work. You can get access to our project space and our competence through guidance and consulting. Book a meeting with us by sending an e-mail to Our experienced staff will consider your project based on the project’s strength, professional relevance and our capacity. These are our resources for you:

Guidance and consulting about art and technology
Our employees can advise and guide you about art and technology projects by appointment.

Project collaboration
By appointment our employees can collaborate with you on the development of art and technology projects. We plan our programme seasonally, so inquiries regarding the autumn must be done in the spring time, and vice versa.

Project room
Our project rooms can be used by appointment for presentations and the development of art and technology projects.

BEK promotes collaborative projects on our website and into our other channels.

Our employees can, in collaboration or independently, curate and programme content for different venues/partners by appointment. You can get more information about this when you contact us.

BEK can enter into project collaboration that also results in collaboration on the display of art and technology. The same seasonal planning is practiced for this kind of work.