Reaper JS plugins for ambisonic processing

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JS is a scripting language which is compiled on the fly and allows you to modify and/or generate audio and MIDI, as well as draw custom vector based UI and analysis displays. JS effects are simple text files, which when loaded in REAPER become full featured plug-ins.

JS plugins are simple and fast to develop, and so far Trond has made a bunch for processing of ambisonic sound field recordings:

  • YAW rotation (around the up axis)
  • PITCH rotation (around the right axis)
  • ROLL rotation (around the front axis)
  • 1st order encoding of mono source
  • 1st order encoding of stereo source (treated as two mono sources)
  • 1st order super stereo encoding (I still need to apply 90 degree phase offsets to signals in order to complete this one)

The plugins are available as a GitHub repository where you can grab the code/plugins and follow and contribute to further development. The plugins are available for free with a BSD open-source license.