Paper on software library presented at DAFx-10

DAFx-10, Graz 06.09.2010 08.0010.09.2010 20.00


One of the important features of the framework is how it enables work on multichannel audio signals using single patch chords in patching environments such as Max and PureData. The paper can be downloaded here.

More info on the Jamoma project can be found here.


Jamoma Audio Graph is a framework for creating graph structures in which unit generators are connected together to process dynamic multi-channel audio in real-time. These graph structures are particularly well-suited to spatial audio contexts demanding large numbers of audio channels, such as Higher Order Ambisonics, Wave Field Synthesis and microphone arrays for beamforming. This framework forms part of the Jamoma layered architecture for interactive systems, with current implementations of Jamoma Audio Graph targeting the Max/MSP, PureData, Ruby, and AudioUnit environments.