Jamoma DSP developer workshop

Stetson University, DeLand, Florida 20.07.2015 09.0024.07.2015 21.00


The workshop was intense and productive, and mainly targeted the following topics:

The use of Jamoma C++ libraries in various hosting environments. So far the Jamoma Core C++ library has primarily been used for development of externals for Cycling’74 Max. During the workshop we investigated how Jamoma DSP units can be used in other environments, e.g. for development of VST and AudioUnit plugins using Juce or wdl-ol, and for general development of media applications through integration with OpenFrameworks.

Spatialisation. We made good progress on development of SpatLib, an extension to Jamoma DSP that will implement common spatialisation algorithms such as VBAP, DBAP and ambipanning. We also discussed how to approach the design of spatialisation models in Jamoma 0.6 for Max. Finally, a roadmap was drawn for further development of the SpatDIF specification and implementations.

Jamoma 2. The current implementation of Jamoma AudioGraph has limitations in terms of efficiency as well as graph structuring. While examining these issues, as well as general shortcomings of the current Jamoma DSP library, we decided to start a major refactoring of the C++ libraries in general, taking advantage of modern C++ features and the experience we have gained from development so far. Initial development of Jamoma 2 was started during the workshop. The Jamoma 2 repository can be found here.

Photos by Jan Schacher and Trond Lossius.