BEK Opening Week 2022: Workshops in Unity

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9. etasje 15.02.2022 10.0018.02.2022 15.00


As a part of BEK Opening Week 2022, we offer a free two-part workshop with Dianne Murphy introducing Unity and some of its possibilities.

In this workshop we will look into Unity, a cross-platform game engine. Unity is user-friendly game engine software that, whilst popular for both industry and indie game development, has also largely been adopted by other industries outside of these fields such as art, film, construction and architecture. The engine can be used to create both three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) games, as well as interactive simulations and other experiences such as virtual reality.

The first course is for absolute beginners, and the second for those knowing a bit about Unity from before.

Part 1: Introduction to Unity
Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 February 10:00-15:00 (1 h lunch break)
BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor

In this first workshop, we will introduce you to the world of Unity. We will go through what Unity is and how it is used beyond the game design scope. We will introduce you to the basics of getting started with Unity, navigating the interface and creating your first scene. We will also be experimenting with importing your own assets into a Unity scene so feel free to incorporate any 3D models of your own work; preferably in an Obj file type.

To participate in this workshop, you do not need any previous experience with Unity or programming.

Part 2: Possibilities in Unity
Thursday 17 and Friday 18 February 10:00-15:00 (1 h lunch break)
BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor

In this second workshop, we will expand on the beginner’s knowledge of part one, looking at several ways to push the parameters of your Unity scene. In this workshop we will be exploring the possibilities of adding scripts, cameras and post processing to your Unity scene. We will also learn how to build and export your project for WebGL and various other platforms.

It is not mandatory but recommended to attend the first part of this workshop if you have no experience in Unity. If you already have a basic understanding of how Unity works, feel free to attend just part two.


Participation is free. To sign up for part one or part two or both, send an email to Limited number of places!

Please bring your own laptop, see the recommended system requirements here. Please download and install Unity on your machine before the workshop.

The workshops will be in English.

Due to covid-19 regulations, we ask you to remain at home if you have symptoms of respiratory infections. Thank you for letting us know if you cannot attend, so that we can offer the vacant spot to someone else.

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Images: Screenshots from Unity scenes by Dianne Murphy


Murphy graduated in 2020 with an honours BA in Fine Art from Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dublin, Ireland. In her practice, she works with a variety of mediums, such as scripting, audio, video, sculpture, and virtual reality, utilising the isolation of virtual environments. Murphy recently completed her thesis on the relevance of virtual reality as an artistic medium in contemporary society. Dianne Murphy – artist´s dossier