Autumn Kickoff

Struer Tracks (Denmark) / BEK / Østre (Bergen) 26.08.2019 09.09.2019


We will be back from Summer holidays at BEK from August 5th, and will start the season off with Reality-based Audio Workshop at Struer Tracks, book presentation of “Elektrisk lyd i Norge” (“Electric Sound in Norway”) and concert, and a concert with Loud Matter at Østre.

Reality-based Audio Workshop at Struer Tracks

Data centers, wind farms and other facilities that enable the modern world’s communication network are often established outside the cities, and the concrete changes in the landscape, due to the intangible communication, have taken place unnoticed. As part of Struer Tracks August 26 – 30th, a selection of sound artists from Reality-based Audio Workshop will conduct sound studies to explore how digital communication affect landscapes. Together they will make recordings and compose a new work, which the audience will also be able to follow the development of.

Elektrisk lyd i Norge

On Wednesday, August 28, Jøran Rudi comes to BEK to launch the new book “Elektrisk lyd i Norge fra 1930 – 2005” (“Electric Sound in Norway from 1930 to 2005”). There will of course be electric live sound on the occasion of the presentation – more info will come!

Loud Matter at Østre

Loud Matter will perform at Østre September 4th, and will be holding a presentation at BEK during that same week. Loud Matter is an audiovisual live performance by Marieke Verbiesen (NO) Gerri Jaeger (AUS) Mark van den Heuvel (NL) and Timo Hooghuis (NL) that combines live animation with live drums and live music produced on the nintendo gameboy. The past year Loud Matter developed custom software to synchronise live drums and electronics that control playback of live animation.

Loud Matter live, found at
Reality-based Audio Workshop, field recording at Mongstad. Photo: Jiska Huizing
Jøran Rudi, found at