Authoring interactive scenarios

BEK 21.06.2017 10.0024.06.2017 16.00


BEK hosts a developer workshop that focus on authoring of interactive media scenarios. The workshop gathers artists and developers associated with Studio de création et de recherche en informatique et musique électroacoustique – SCRIME at Université de Bordeaux, Verdensteatret and BEK for an intensive learning and development session.

i-score is a free and open-source intermedia sequencer used in art and music performances, installations and museum design to control interactive sound, video, light and hardware. It enables precise and flexible scripting of interactive scenarios. The resulting scores can be authored to remotely control any Minuit or OpenSoundControl compliant software or hardware, such as Cycling 74 Max, PureData, OpenFrameworks, Processing, modul8, Live, and more.

i-score offers flexible time management. Temporal and conditional relationships can be set between events, the events can be triggered through interaction, and complex scores can be nested into hierarchies. i-score also offers possibilities for looping chains of events. Parameter values can be altered dynamically using interpolation, easing functions and custom-drawn curved breakpoint function. Mapping enables several addresses to be linked together. The program can be extended with custom JavaScript functionalities.