a door

VOX 22.03.2014 17.0030.03.2014 16.00


The installation is designed so that visitors are encouraged to actively relate to the sounds in the room, since their own actions affect what happens. The focus is on human interaction and power relations. The experience is characterized, possibly broken by the actions of other people in the room. The exhibition will be experienced differently about visiting it alone or in a group .

The installation also puts focus on what it is that creates a space, this space is not defined by walls but by the sounds and human interaction.

– a door – Interaktiv lydinstallasjon av Katy Penny på Galleri VOX from Trond Elling Haveland on Vimeo.

Stian Remvik at BEK will develop solutions previously used by Jana Vinderen and Trond Lossius in the installation “ The Art of Walking on Water “ ( 2004-2006 ). Here, sensors are used to trigger different sounds and soundscapes as a result of the public’s footprint.

The exhibition opens Saturday 22 March 2014 on Gallery VOX. Katy Penny is holding a concert at the opening, where the installation itself becomes the instrument. The audience will be involved in designing the concert in that they affect the sounds Katy has to work with. The concert will also include Tor Erik Olsen on guitar .

Thanks to Lydgalleriet for using their speakers.