Workshop: ReFORM with Pladask Elektrisk

BEK 21.09.2019 11.0022.09.2019 17.00


ReFORM is a groundbreaking and experimental multi-effect pedal developed by Pladask Elektrisk and BandOrg. The pedal is based on FORM2, but has updated programs and updated hardware. The pedal and workshop are about exploring and understanding granular synthesis, time stretch and manipulating sample playback.

Two-day workshop at BEK 21 – 22 September, hours 11 – 17 both days.

The participation fee is NOK 2,500 (per person per workshop). You can sign up via the registration form at BandOrg here. Read more about registration and what you have to bring with you below.

About ReFORM

ReFORM is an experimental multi-effects processor featuring 24 algorithms focusing on granular synthesis and modified sample playback. Among its algorithms you’ll find granular time stretching, pitch shifting time stretching, freeze and shuffling effects, glitching sample playback and a beat repeater. It´s built around the Spin FV-1 digital signal processor (DSP). The pedal is made up of a DSP core, a “wrapper” consisting of an analog dry/wet mixer with various parameters and two mappable expression functions for overriding its three digital parameter knobs. ReFORM is also a programmable effect pedal. There is an empty EEPROM-slot for your own programs (8).

New hardware:

  • LED-panel showing which bank and program you are on
  • Rotary encoder knob for selecting bank/program
  • True/Trail bypass: The pedal offers a kind of trail bypass useful for the ambient/reverb algorithms. Trails can be activated by pushing the PROGRAM knob. In trail bypass the VOLUME knob is still active. Additionally the MIX knob also sets the volume of the wet signal specifically. The dry signal is outputed at a volume equal to when MIX is set to minimum.

ReFORM is a tutorial. An ongoing series of workshops on building and designing a pedal. Participants build their own ReFORM and learn how to start programming. Want one? Come to Norway, why not.

In the workshop you will learn how to program your own effects, you will be introduced to the software and hardware needed to communicate with the FV-1 chip.
Re FORM manual ENG

About Pladask Elektrisk

Pladask Elekrisk is a pedal maker from Bergen, operated by Knut Olai Mjøs Helle. Knut Olai is a trained music technologist at NTNU and has been producing pedals under the company name Pladask Elektrisk since 2014. In common for his pedals are a love for unorthodox sound manipulation and room for experimentation. The power pedals are manufactured by hand in Bergen.

Price and registration

The participation fee is NOK 2,500 (per person per workshop). You can sign up via the registration form at BandOrg here. The registration fee is non-refundable. We have capacity for 10 participants per course. Registration deadline is up to 1 week before workshop.

What do you need to bring?

The circuit of ReFORM involves some soldering. It is an advantage if you have some soldering experience, and you must bring your own soldering station. Also bring: bent nose pliers, cutting nipper, adjustable spanner, Phillips screwdriver og slotted screwdriver. Much of the workshop is about programming sounds. Therefore, also bring a laptop.