Work Residency: Terese Stenhjem

BEK 10.12.2018 21.12.2018


During the next couple of weeks Terese Stenhjem will be developing her work at BEK. She will work in the project space with video editing, test out green screen technology, and try to integrate her work in a physical space. She aims to find technical solutions for mounting and/or project video work, and explore whether it is possible to make virtual spaces that change our sense of space. What measures are to be taken in order to change the impression of the characteristics of a space, and the characteristics that are outside of it?

”The project I will be working on at BEK is about the body, travel and vessels. I will focus on technology, science and the future. The project consists of studies that explore voids and cells that exist inside or outside of the body. I am concerned with philosophical themes like time and human nature. How we irreversible travel through time, and how we treat life, both our own and others.

In my work I explore scenarios like; If our world was destroyed, how would we respond to the absence of what one assumes will always be there? What if the ocean, the wind or life didn’t exist, and what is considered to be a life? I will look at this theme by trying to imitate space, nature and what a life can be.”
– Terese Stenhjem

Terese Stenhjem is a visual artist based in Bergen with a bachelor degree from Bergen National Academy of the Arts and Design, dept. The Art Academy, 2012. Stenhjem works with space. These spaces can be ordinary rooms in a building, they can be so small that they are inaccessible, or they can be illusions of space, made by her. She tries to find crossings for different associations. Stenhjem works across time based media like video and sound, and installation and sculpture. Her works are made in medias traditionally considered without artistic value, like homely and everyday objects.

More about Terese Stenhjem at her website here.