Work Residency: Kim Hankyul

BEK project room 04.01.2021 07.02.2021


During the work residency at BEK, Kim Hankyul will develop a new body of work for the upcoming solo show at Gyldenpris Kunsthall later in the autumn 2021. In the project, analogue sound plates will be scrutinized as physical bodies with literary scenery, each of which has a potential of storing a narrative in the format of physical projection and relievo. The sound will be reproduced in the format of physical inscription, by the sound plates being casted and restructured into the hand craft materials including wood, ceramics and glass which will be re-sonified afterwards. Through the intentional refiguration of the sound through different templates, the affinity between the technological and the political panorama will be interrogated around the notion of sonic alienation.

Along with the analogue sound plates, two analogue recording modules – the film tape recorder and the gramophone – will be technically looked through as the automatized tools for craft, which enable the phonetic memory to be inscribed as the physical traces of sculptural value. The underlying idea of this research is Friedrich Kittler’s attempt of finding interconnection between ‘physical, technological, discursive, and social systems’ as ‘the network of technologies and institutions that allow a given culture to select, store and process relevant data’. The phonetic memories will be examined as the socio-politically constructed matter which is genealogically succeeded as a physical panorama carved in depth and width on sound plates. The idea of alienation is to be found from the background of this technological panorama, from the margin of plates that have not been carved to make noticeable sound. Through the analogy bridging between the body and the phonetic matter, alienation will be examined as the political stance kept on each individual body by the inheritance of a marginal part of historic narratives, rather than a social phenomenon.

Kim Hankyul

Kim Hankyul is an artist living and working in Bergen, with a BA in Aesthetics from Seoul National University and MFA from The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen. Hankyul’s work is focused on creating new lexical relation between the sound and the visual, by juxtaposing machinic landscape and figurative soundscape in cause and effect relation. Scales and materials of work have been varied from ready-made object installation to large kinetic architecture. Recent works were shown in Østre, EKKO festival (2020), Atelier Nord (2020), Gyldenpris Kunsthall (2020), Bergen Kunsthall (2019), Landmark(2019) and Galleri Slakt (2019).

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