Work Residency: Emilie Wright

Work Residency at BEK 01.06.2021 22.06.2021


During their work residency at BEK, Emilie Wright has been working in the sound studio composing and recording new works for immersive listening. The culmination of their work in progress, Serpent and the Egg, will be a multichannel composition of sonic fiction that incorporates improvised found objects, vocal arrangements, field recordings and synthesisers.

Emilie is an artist from Melbourne, Australia currently living and working in Bergen, Norway. They work with a predominantly sound based practice that is experimental and exploratory. Their work reflects upon technology and ecology from a Posthumanist Feminist perspective whilst working through notions of public, domestic and internal space in relation to gender, temporality and embodiment. Based upon the sonic encounter and notions of time and experience, their work takes the form of immersive sound installation, sound installation in public space and performance which are often articulated through text as a starting point. Most recently Emilie has been delving into the world of analogue synthesis whilst also exploring cathartic vocal work for a series of workshops and public performance.