Work Residency: Craig Wells

BEK 19.08.2020 20.09.2020


Craig Wells currently works at BEK with no less than seven collaborative projects, ranging from live modular synthesis, to improvisation, sound design and composition. Many of the projects can be experienced by audiences in Bergen during the autumn, and in December Wells will give a presentation of his practice at BEK.

Craig Thomas Wells is a composer and improviser based in Bergen. He works with synthesis, field recording, beat science and collective improvisation, and has released multiple albums internationally under the monikers Klunks and Vonrik Haug. He is currently a research associate at The Grieg Academy (KMD, UiB) where he focuses on spatial audio and etchings of the audible; investigating sonic encounter, memory and sonic materialism. Central to his practice is using sound as a means to inflect philosophical epistemologies; what forms of thought does sound provoke and agitate? In what ways can we reconcile the written word with sonic experience? In this sense he attempts to conclude philosophical problematics through the materiality of sound, and in doing so a number of conceptual terrains proliferate; sensation does not always equal experience,  thought does not always belong to language, being does not always rely on thinking and  possibility does not always equate to the thinkable.

Craig Well’s website.

Audioglimt, 28th October at Wrap

Live modular synthesis duo (Lux Passerine, with Omar Johnsen) working with moving image as real time score.

Informatin about the event here.

Shelmith Øseth and Craig Wells at Mikey Laundry Art Garden, 19th September

New collaborative project for dance and sonic improvisation focusing on symbiosis between sound and movement – imagining each scene of dance has a limb omitted,  affordances of phantom limbs and resistances.

Information about the rehersal for audiences at BEK 3rd September.

Sound design for live performance by Gitte Sætre, Bergen Kjøtt 12th November

A live extension for the on-going project with Frans Jacobi and Gitte Sætre “Are You Ready?”, which examines a flat ontology of a stick experiencing the transforming ecology of its natural habitat.

Sound design For Nicola Gunn, Oktoberdans 30th and 31st October

1 hour of composed material to be performed real time for Gunn’s performance “Working with Children (part 2)”. Wells  will be constructing an extended durational ambience that is enmeshed with field recording and diffused over a quad system. 

Audio Paper with Tijs Ham, Artistic Research journal (online)

Wells and Ham will be recording spoken word addressing artistic research, composition, improvisation and form within sonic arts.

Sonic collaboration with Paal Rasmussen, album “Skyer og bølger”

Composing 20 acoustic densities for multichannel performance, and will also be decoded binaurally for all streaming platforms.