Work Residency: Anne Marthe Dyvi

BEK 18.03.2019 05.04.2019


In the period of March 18th – April 5th, Anne Marthe Dyvi will be in BEK’s video studio where she will mainly work on the video This Thing about Time (work title). The project will be shown at Galleri Langegården in 2020, in dialogue with Trudi Jaeger’s artistic practice and Langegården as a historical place.

This Thing about Time has the ambition to be a discussion of place, winter, the color white, line and shape, as well as to be an investigation of the phenomenon of time. The video will be shown in dialogue with Trudi Jaeger’s artistic practice January – February 2020 at Galleri Langegården, in Jaeger’s exhibition. Langegården is one of Bergen’s older and still preserved farms, with a long history – both within in the history of architecture, art history, farm history and natural history. It is also located in a geological belt that did not disappear in the last ice age, and the area is therefore protected. In 1975–77, geologists from the University of Bergen found layers from the last interim period, approx. 115,000 to 130,000 years old. The place is a fold with accumulated testimonies of time, such as geological sediments and plank buildings from trees that grew in the area hundreds of years ago. The testimonies are like re-told stories about greatness but also financial decay, about faith in the future and realism, about human culture and natural history, all merged together. The plan is to let the video film be embedded in all of this information, evidence and visual remnants, and to become a small abstract archive, a time-based digital painting.

About Anne Marthe Dyvi

Anne Marthe Dyvi (b. 1979) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Bergen, with a master degree in fine art from the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design (2010). Her work can be described as interdisciplinary, site-specific and process-oriented. Anne Marthe is especially interested in technology and time, human existence, survival or behavior. She has exhibited in many parts of Norway and Sweden, as well as Italy, England, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Iceland, Denmark and Lithuania. In 2008 she established together with the rest of the artist group Ytter,, for which she is co-editor. Ytter is an independent, web-based art blog and artist group; today primarily an archive. In addition to her own practice, Anne Marthe works at BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Art as an artistic developer. In 2018 she was acting general manager at BEK. Anne Marthe was part of the resource group in PNEK which developed a national archive for video art in Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Arts Council. She is the chair of Lydgalleriet and board member of PNEK. She also is a member of Norske Billedkunstnere and Bildende Kunstneres Forening Hordaland.