Warp and weft

Østre 19.03.2014 17.0019.03.2014 19.00


The origin of this exploration of weaving came from an interest in the transition between technologies. How the weaving and textile industry has been a hotbed for the computer industry, and where many elements from the old technology cross over into the new. The performance with a loom is an attempt to discover, through art, what the terms duration and time can contain, how technology can be seen as a long woven thread through history with many tracks that it drags along. In term of form this becomes a motion on the scale between the condensed and the strung-out, between light and darkness, between man and machine. For the Borealis festival has Anne Marthe Dyvi invited the artist Idunn Aune Forland to weave and – together with Dyvi – be both instrument and performer.
The performance is produced in cooperation with BEK, Bergen Centre for electronic art for the Borealis festival.