Video Artwork – Call for Proposals

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An integral part of the Proposal is an active engagement with BEK on a basis to create this new work in our studios alongside professional artists, as well as making use of BEK´s audiovisual production equipment such as HD videorecorders, Digital Mirrorreflex (canon 5d) and accesoires, (mobile) Digital Audio recorders and microphones. One of our project rooms will be at your disposal.

Equipment list:
The studios:

-The deadline for the call is on the 15th of June.
-Production period is from 1st of September until the 23rd of October 2013.
-An amount of 50.000 NOK is availabale for production of the artwork, and to cover all the artists expenses for procurements, own fee, renting, transport etc.

The proposal should contain the following:
-A work proposal for Screencity & production period at BEK
-CV and overview of previous works
-Time scedule for the production
-Budget for the production of the Artwork
-link to previous works

The proposal can be sent digital as PDF/Word doc to with subject “proposal video artwork”

For questions regarding the call and/or BEK´s productionfacilities email

More information about Screen City:

BEK is a non-profit organization situated in Bergen, Norway, functioning as a national resource centre for work within the field of arts and new technology.
BEK works with both artistic and scientific research and development and puts into practice an amount of mixed artistic projects. It also practices an educational program that includes courses, workshops, talks and presentations.