Verktøykassen: Introduction to openFrameworks and face recognition

BEK 25.02.2021 11.0025.02.2021 15.00


In this Verktøykassen we will look into openFrameworks which is a creative tool consisting of C ++ libraries with open source code such as openGL (Graphic Language) and openCV (Computer Vision). openFrameworks is designed designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation.

In the workshop we will show you how to set up openFrameworks on your computer using Xcode on Mac or Visual Studio on Windows. We will go through the basic functions for displaying graphics on the screen as well as take a closer look at the add-on ofxFaceTracker2 which does face recognition. 

To participate in this workshop, we recommend that you have some experience with programming or other creative software such as VDMX, Vuo, TouchDesigner, Max or similar. 

Bring your own laptop with Xcode (Mac) or Visual Studio (Windows) pre-installed. Please see here for what components you need for Visual Studio

Time: 25 February 11.00-15.00 
Place: BEK, C. Sundtsgate 55
Sign-up via this form. Places are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis. 

Please note: Places are limited. Participants must live in Bergen kommune. At BEK, we comply with current guidelines from the authorities in connection with Covid-19 and facilitate all work and visits accordingly. We expect everyone visiting and using our premises to also comply with the guidelines in force at any given time. 

Verktøykassen is a free event, open to all and will be held in Norwegian and/or English as appropriate.

About Verktøykassen

Verktøykassen (the Toolbox) at BEK is a space to learn and try out technical tools, both hardware and software. Sessions are hands-on, highly interactive and open to people with different levels of experience. Verktøykassen takes place regularly, with a different theme each time. Participants are invited to share ideas or questions with the group, which is led by game developer and programmer Stian Remvik.

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About Stian Remvik

Stian Remvik is an app, website, data animation and games designer and developer who has worked as an associate of BEK since 2013. He graduated with a BA in Visual Communication from the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design (2010) and has built his knowledge and experience of programming and implementing technical solutions in artistic projects through his involvement with BEK. Amongst other, Stian has designed and developed the composition app BITWaves for BIT20 Ensemble, the prototype for the game Sonarc in collaboration with Espen Sommer Eide, and the recent extension of BEK’s website BEK Archive.

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