Vacant Position at BEK

BEK 09.04.2019 01.05.2019


BEK has a vacant 50% position as an Art Producer, since one of our employees are seeking new challenges. Apply by 1. May 2019.

BEK is a multidisciplinary resource and skills center that works to expand the uses and understanding of electronic art through collaboration, critical reflection and knowledge exchange. BEK seeks out, develops and offers expertise in the core area of ​​art and new technology. It is our vision to be a natural focal point for the related local, national and international art scene, ensuring that a broad, multi-disciplinary art field benefits from our work.

As Art Producer, you will initiate art projects, often in an international context. You will be able to work independently, facilitate art production and dissemination, initiate skill-enhancing measures, and consider incoming project proposals related to BEK’s activity. Much of the work will be done within BEK’s established national and international networks. We expect that you are already part of an international network and have the ambition to expand this.

We can offer a newly refurbished workplace with flexible working hours and a high degree of well-being. The position allows for own initiatives and opportunities for influence BEKs creative direction.

We expect you to have a relevant understanding of artistic practice, because you must be able to make decisions on this basis. Through previous experience, you will have a good knowledge of different ways of integrating technology into artistic output, and you will be able to convey this to others. As part of BEK’s professional team, you must be organized and outgoing, and accustomed to transparent work routines. You should be prepared to continue our motto: experiments, create and share. Experience with production, dissemination and networking is essential. It is often necessary to use both Norwegian and English in communication.

The applicant should report to BEKs director. Wages in accordance with agreement.

Applications with an enclosed CV and copies of relevant letters of reference should be sent by e-mail to bek [at] bek .no. It is not necessary to submit a portfolio.

Further information about the position can be obtained from Lars Ove Toft, lars.ove.toft [at] bek .no or mob. 922 85 861

Application deadline: 1. May 2019.