Thresholds of the Algorithmic

Lydgalleriet, Østre Skostredet 3, Bergen 08.06.2018 14.06.2018


Thresholds of the Algorithmic from on Vimeo. Shot and edited by Better Call Paul.

Workshop and exhibition organised by BEK.
Place: Lydgalleriet

Thresholds of the Algorithmic was both an exhibition and a workshop. The exhibition opened on the 8th of June, and gradually changed during the workshop week. On Thursday the 14th of June, the exhibition opened also for an evening event with new and transformed works.

Algorithms are everywhere, simultaneously as they are concealed. We might register them in as much as we notice the selection of advertisements or news posts that are suggested to us on social media. It is not quite as easy to understand how algorithms function – we accept, often unwittingly – their analyses and conclusions.

In the art world, we also see an increasing interest in algorithms. Previously they were understood as abstract entities which could be used for formal experiments that generated art or music “by itself.” However today, to a much greater degree, they are woven into art practices and music composition as a fundamental element within the work. Similarly in daily life, algorithms have been an invisible yet central component of the creative process, which one could easily take for granted.

Thresholds of the Algorithmic gathers a group of established Norwegian and international artists within the fields of digital art, visual art, sound art and music. They will work together to research how algorithms can be used as tool, binding agent or designer in the development of art. The exhibition will show a series of large sound installations, kinetic sculptures and performance work – all of which challenge the limitations – “thresholds” – of what an algorithm can be.


Niklas Adam (Oslo, NO), Eirik Blekesaune (Oslo, NO), Alicia Champlin (Maine, USA), Max Franklin (Rotterdam, NL), Erin Gee (Montréal, CA), Kosmas Giannoutakis (Graz, AT), Tijs Ham (Bergen, NO), Daniele Pozzi (Graz, AT), Thorolf Thuestad (Bergen, NO), and Stefano Zorzanello (Catania, IT)

Workshop conveners from ALMAT

David Pirró (Graz, AT) and Hanns Holger Rutz (Graz, AT)


BEK is a partner in the Austrian artistic research project Algorithms that Matter (ALMAT). The project seeks to understand the increasing significance of algorithms in society, by translating them into sonic aesthetic experience. New perspectives occur/develop by subjecting algorithms to experimentation and analytical reading.

ALMAT is lead by Hanns Holger Rutz and David Pirrò at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) at Graz University of Music and Performing Arts. It is a three-year project that will run from 2017–2020. The project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) – PEEK AR 403-GBL – the Austrian National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development (FTE) and the State of Syria

Read more about ALMAT here.

About BEK + Notam

Thresholds of the Algorithmic is organised by BEK, revolving around a series of workshops and courses that BEK at Notam are co-producing. The events will take place over a three-year period, and are aimed at established artists. Notam and BEK are centres for the innovative development and use of technology in music and art in Norway. We have a broad international network that includes leading figures within music technology, sound design and audiovisual technology. Both Notam and BEK regard education and skills improvement as their core values. We wish to set new goals, give new inspiration and the possibility to lift our sights above everyday solutions within the environment of music technology and art. The course series is supported by The Norwegian Arts Council.