SPIRE by Hilde Hauan

Voss gymnas - Commisioned work 01.04.2020 00.0031.05.2020 00.00
Voss Gymnas - Opening 10.02.2020 13.3010.02.2020 15.00


Welcome to the opening of the new artwork SPIRE created by Hilde Hauan for Voss Gymnas, on Monday February 10th at 13.30 – 15.00. Hauan has based the spire (sprout) motif from the traditional åttebladrosa (eight-leaf-rose) motif, and developed the pattern that has been sandblasted onto the glass. Hauan has been assisted by BEK/Stian Remvik to explore how the light and colors in the LED strips can illuminate the glass. Final programming is done by Mathias Hauan Arbo.

Opening at Voss Gymnas February 10th at 13.30 – 15.00
Presentation by artist Hilde Hauan.
Music by Georg Buljo. Refreshments.

Inspiration for the title and work SPIRE (sprout) comes from a textile from the Voss Folk Museum; a hand garment embroidered with black cross stitches on white linen. According to the description, Spire comes from the traditional åttebladrosa (eight-leaf-rose) motif, and Hauan has used this as starting point to develop the pattern. The aluminum frames supporting the glass are designed as folds/cracks and are hung on the outside of the wall. The motif is sandblasted on glass.

SPIRE consists of three parts:
Part 1: A crack in the right part of the wall, almost at the top.
Part 2: Three folds in the middle of the long wall in the vertical direction.
Part: 3: A flap is lifted from the wall to the left of the front door.

The work is comissioned by Hordaland county, Petra Rahm has been the consultant.

Pictures of the artwork: Hilde Hauan.
Pictures of the process: Stian Remvik.

Hilde Hauan’s website.