Signe Lidén: Field Mode II: Circumference

Kulturhuset, Vaskerelven 8 20.11.2021


Live talk/ listening session
20 NOVEMBER 12:45
Kulturhuset, Vaskerelven 8, second floor
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Signe Lidén has developed Circumference, an audio-recording instrument created to be shared between artists. Since October, the instrument has been included in BEK´s library of equipment, available for use by other artists. 

Playing her own and others’ recordings made with the instrument, Lidén reflects upon the experiences of sharing and artistic co-authorship. From this starting point, she discusses how a library of methods, instruments and documentation can contribute to the long-term perspective of artistic studies of place.

Circumference is a microphone that can record both under and above water at the same time. Unlike most microphones, which strive to record surroundings without themselves being audible, the instrument is coloured by its own sound and records its encounter with water, air and the sounds that occur there. 

Circumference is a further development of the instrument Field Mode, where an acoustic membrane for recording was developed in collaboration with Tilburg Textile Lab and was part of Spatial Media Laboratories/Sonic Acts.

Signe Lidén

Signe Lidén is an artist based in Oslo. Her work explores relations between place, sensing and sound. Through field recording, instrument-building and conversations, she approaches place as a dynamic produced by geological, biological and atmospheric processes, as well as social and economic relations. Her work spans sound installations, video and performance to more documentary forms such as sound essays and archives.

Lidén’s project The Tidal Sense (2019) consisted of a residency, exhibition and seminar, commissioned by LIAF. Field Modulations is a series of works and exhibitions created during Sound Art Residency at St John’s College, Oxford. Vertical Studies, a collaboration with Espen Sommer Eide, generated the performance Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections (2017), shared at the Sonic Acts Festival (Amsterdam) and Borealis Festival (Bergen), and Altitude and History (2016) for the Dark Ecology project. The collaboration The Cold Coast Archive (2010–2012) was launched at the Centre for PostNatural History (Pittsburgh, 2012) and presented at The Long Now Foundation (2012), Eastern Bloc (Montreal, 2016) and L´Atelier (Nantes, 2019). She was commissioned to make works for SALT, Volt, the Hordaland Art Centre, Kunsthall Oslo, nyMusikk and Touch Radio, among others. Lidén is the initiator of the upcoming collaborations Pavilion and Academy of Rhythmorphology.

Photos: Signe Lidén.

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