Sabine Popp: Common Notions (confusion resumes outside a few squaremeters) – third attempt

BEK 30.01.2019 19.0030.01.2019 21.00


A platform is created to give space to an experiment or game with algae, images and words. This demands a decision on what is inside and what is outside a set boundary or frame.

Common Notions is conceived as a performance-lecture and is part of the project Agential Matter (Invisible Landscapes), which examines performativity of algae, objects and bodies in instances of observation in scientific research, economic interests and artistic encounter along the coast.

About Sabine Popp

Sabine Popp studied at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB), the University of Barcelona and the Glasgow School of Arts. After some years’ focus on arctic and subarctic areas, she was involved in the artistic research project Topografies of the Obsolete (at KHiB), and has since 2016 contributed to Oslofjord Ecologies (at Høyskolen i Oslo og Akarshus). She is currently fellow of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program, affiliated with the Art Academy at the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at Bergen University.

More about Sabine Popp here.