Rural Reading Room

LM 1 (Le Maires vei 1), Kirkenes 03.05.2014 20.0003.05.2014 22.00


Every thinking man must admit that the workers, in the name of the eternal inevitable tragedies, had to go down into the deep and stand under this cold shower, in order to grow higher up and reach the noble luxuries, that not only exists in good food, theatre and fine clothing, but in the urge and will and ability to expand and increase their sincerity and connection with that society that only ones heart are able to reach – just as certain as it stands helpless in the face of the great betrayal, that is called the universal love. – Matti Aikio 1912

Language, literature and imagined things is the entrance to our table of the elements. Local history that was forgotten, or written in an unintelligible language. Older scientific texts and theories long since disproved. But did they through this process become more in touch with the local – the particular? Why do we find obsolete and imaginary information describing a location more accurate than the verifiable truth?

Kompendium i reproduksjonsmetoderna
Store esperanto-dansk ordbog
Guddommelig helbredelse
Utkast til verneplan for kvartærgeologiske forekomster i Finnmark fylke
Sprengstoffer – sprengningsteknikk
(Varangerfunnene VI – cancelled)
(Bjørnevatn mannssangforening medlemsbok – cancelled)
(Lebesbymannens spådommer – cancelled)
Other programme components: The birch which acts bushlike (sculptural event), Transition from one element to another, Arne Skaug Olsen (participating guest), and Local text as apparatus for the material properties speech.

Rural Reading Room consists of Espen Sommer Eide, Hilde Methi, Morten Torgersrud, and Kristin Tårnesvik.

Rural Reading Room is supported by Arts Council Norway, North Norwegian Art Center and Saami Arts Council.