Ricardo del Pozo @ NZEMS

NZEMS 01.09.2010 00.0003.09.2010 00.00


A brief description from Ricardo about the invitation:

In connection with NZEMS 2010 (The New Zealand Electro Acoustic Music Symposium) I have been asked to give a presentation of my master’s work, “adaptation / volume”. among other things, the presentation will deal with the use of Jamoma as a tool for development and production of artistic expressions and ideas.

As this Symposium’s main focus is on multi-channel sound work, I will also address the opportunities for spatialisation of sound that is unique to Jamoma. The presentation will reflect BEK involvment in the development of Jamoma, and how collaboration with BEK constituted an important part of my master’s project.

Ricardo del Pozo is supported by BEK for this travel, and we wish him a nice and interesting tour.