Publication on commision by composer Alwynne Pritchard

Sensuous Knowledge Conference, Solstrand Hotell 23.09.2009 13.0025.09.2009 13.00


In 2006 BEK commissioned a new work from composer Alwynne Pritchard. The work, Don’t touch me, you don’t know where I’ve been was premiered March 2008 at the Borealis festival in Bergen, performed by Bjørnar Habbestad, asamisimasa, Thorolf Thuestad and the composer herself. In the fall an installation version of the piece was presented at BEK as part of B-Open.

Alwynne Pritchard participated at the Sensuous knowledge conference 2008, an international conference on fundamental problems of artistic research and development, presented her work and the artistic processes involved in the creation of it.

Her presentation has since been further developed as a text, and is being released as issue 7 of the Sensuous knowledge publication series, published by Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Alwynne Pritchards text is accompanied by a text by Roar Sletteland, former director of BEK, reflecting on the act of commissioning the piece.

In celebration of the publication, the installation version of the work will be presented at Solstrand as part of the program for the 6th Sensuous knowledge conference in September 2009.


*Alwynne Pritchard:
Don’t touch me, you don’t know where I’ve been
_A performance, installation and publication_*

Roar Sletteland:
*_Commissioning a Piece of Music
Reflections on Alwynne Pritchard’s ‘Don’t touch me, you don’t know where I’ve been’_*

Sensuous knowledge publication series, issue 7. Bergen National Academy of the Arts, September 2009.