Enduring Portraits

Enduring Portraits (2008) (31:43 min.), by Kjersti Sundland
Video, variable duration

The video depicts a portrait of a female face ageing, consisting of samples from two women; mother and daughter. Enduring Portraits has been screened using Isadora software, with a gradual change made out by 25 subtle variations. The length of each stage of “ageing” was adjustable making the length of screening variable, adapted to the different locations. This made the artist able to change “the ageing process” in the different venues where the work was screened; from 8 hours runtime to 4 hours, etc. The video presented at BEK Archive is an edited version of the original, with a duration of 30 minutes.

Enduring Portraits was commissioned for the exhibition Time Code at Bologna Museum of Modern Art in 2008, curated by Alessandra Pioselli and Fabiola Naldi. In addition, the work has been exhibited at Audio Visiva, Milan (2008), The Ritual of walking in a circle, curated by BEK at S12 during the Ephemeral Sustainability conference in Bergen (2012), and at Hanseatic video work (2014).

From Audio Visiva, Milano
From Audio Visiva, Milano
From Ritual of walking in a circle, S12 in Bergen