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Thematically Piksel has expanded over the years, and is now also dealing with manipulation of hardware. In 2004 workshops for the general public were introduced, and the evening program extended with discussions on political issues. In 2005 an exhibition was introduced, and the number of performances reduced. In 2006 the duration was reduced to four days, and open hardware was introduced as an additional topic of the festival. This opened up for new activities and a wider range of participants. In 2007 this was continued, introducing examples of circuit bending, and a strengthened emphasis on perforative seminars blurring the boarder of art, science, activism and technology.

Piksel has become an important international venue for developers and artists using free software. Over the years the event has grown in size, and eventually a re-examination of the organisational structure was required. From 2008 Piksel is established as an independent organization, headed by Gisle Frøysland, who initiated and headed the festival from the start.

Further information can be found at the Piksel web site.