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Studio Residency: Pavel Sterec

BEK 01.08.2023 26.08.2023


Pavel Sterec, based in Prague, has been working in BEK’s video and sound studios for the past couple of weeks, developing a video-essay for his multimedia project Stakhanovites of Transformation

Pavel Sterec combines performance, object, installation, photography and other media in a variety of ways. His interest circles around the issues of research, science, museums and archives, social structures and our dependency on tangible or symbolic capital. His recent work examines, amongst other things, the social and natural life of a landslide (Unstable Ground: Landslides, Lives and Perspectives, 2020), the building of China’s new silk road (The Silk Road Vertigo, 2019) or themes of contemporary biology (Vital Syndicates, 2016). His ongoing work, Stakhanovites of Transformation, documents and reflects on the transformation of the coal mine Novaky into a mushroom farm. Sterec will also present some of his work at BEK summer party in C. Sundts gate 55 on Friday August 18.

Pavel Sterec

Pavel Sterec studied in Brno, Prague, and Vienna, and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His residency at BEK is organized in collaboration with a Czech curatorial collective Are | Through a two year-project Woods: More-Than-Human Curiosity, they support residencies of Czech artists and musicians in Norway, and vice versa. The project is funded by EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the Programme Culture, the European Union – Next Generation EU, the Czech Recovery Plan, and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Photo: 1 by Nela Flora, 2 and 3 from the ongoing project ‘Stakhanovites of Transformation’ by Pavel Sterec