Future DiverCities

Open Call for Projects

opencall@bek.no 24.10.2019 26.11.2019


For the final production of the four year collaboration with Future DiverCites, BEK wants proposals for art projects that relate to ‘The City’.

BEK is an interdisciplinary centre for the development of art and new technology. We aim to extend the field of electronic art through collaboration, critical reflection and the sharing of knowledge. For 2016-2020 BEK is partnering with Future DiverCities, an initiative of ten European partners to facilitate art projects that relate to the ‘future city’ and the city’s diverse expressions. Future DiverCities is funded by the Creative Europe Programme.

For the final production of the four year collaboration, BEK wants proposals for art projects that relate to one or more of the themes below:

– Reflections on the city’s technological challenges, for instance surveillance, social relations or ecological questions.

– The relationship between the local or micro-level of the city and the city as a structure or a society, hereunder the city’s diversity.

We want proposals in two categories:

1) Works of art or live acts/performances
For artworks that are included in the project, BEK will cover transport for the work, travel for participating artists, a small fee and a fee for live acts/performances.

2) Art projects that are specially developed for this occasion
The projects can be with or without audience participation, but will preferably relate actively to a site in Bergen and/or the public sphere. Three artists will be invited to a stay in Bergen to realise the project. For the chosen proposals, there will be an allocated budget of up to NOK 80.000 (approximately 7900 euro) that includes a fee, travel, accommodation in Bergen and all production expenses for the project. If you apply for such a project, please include a budget and a timeline.

In both categories, we will look for projects that relate to art and new technology. It is possible to propose projects for both categories in the same application.

The projects will be presented in Bergen, April 2020, where there will be a presentation of works, public events, live acts/performances and workshops.

What we want from you in a single pdf file is:
– A short project description, maximum 500 words
– CV of maximum 3 pages
– If you apply for category 1: Documentation of the work(s) you want to apply with –maximum 7 images or up to 7 minutes of video/sound documentation. For video and sound, please send links.
– If you apply for category 2: Documentation of earlier relevant works, sketches for the proposal, budget and a project timeline
– The application should not exceed 10MB in total

Please send the material to opencall@bek.no by Tuesday November 26th, 2019.
If you have any questions, please contact Åse Løvgren: ase@bek.no, +47 93645257

Read more about BEK and FutureDiverCities here, and Future DiverCities here.