Open call: 8K video studio residency at BEK

BEK 03.10.2022 01.11.2022


We have upgraded our video studio! With a new Mac Studio, two 5K Apple Studio displays, and a Sony A1 camera, we look forward to facilitating artists working with 8K projects.

Professional artists working with moving image are welcome to apply for a residency in our new 8K studio in the period 3 October–1 November 2022. 

Application deadline: 4 september 2022. 

To apply, please send an application to, and include:

 – short project description (up to 300 words)

– CV

The residency is open to professional artists and we prioritise projects that are experimental in their use of technology, or interrogate technology’s relationship to art and society. We offer our facilities and equipment, and expect artists to work independently. Please note that we offer our production facilities only, and do not cover travel, accommodation or project costs.


Our video studio is optimal for working with video and animation projects. The studio is equipped with two 5K screens and two active audio monitors, and a Mac Studio 2022 with Samsung 870 QVO 2.5” SSD 8TB and access to editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Dragon Stopmotion and Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also easily work on your own laptop by connecting the speakers and the screens.

Still images from “Far Before and After us. Golta” by Stefano Cagol (1); “Beyond the Fantastic” by Kiyoshi Yamamoto (2); “Overrett” by Anette Friedrich Johannessen (3); “Current Dividers” by Ingrid Bjørnaali (4).