Niilas has been awarded Spellemann!

Spellemann 19.04.2021 30.04.2021


Congratulations to Niilas who has been awarded the Spellemann for best electronica album of the year in 2020. The album “Also This Will Change” is Niilas’ debut album, which was released on his own label in November and since then has garnered tremendously many fantastic reviews.

Niilas has been working on the album in BEK’s sound studio, where he composed and made both sound and image editing for the completely self-produced album. In the nomination for the award, it was pointed out that Niilas “with his bass-oriented music with melancholic undertones, thorough detail work and a genre control that few can match, constantly surprises with an innovative and detailed soundscape”.

Listen to «Also This Will Change» here:

To NRK, Niilas says that he now feels confident that he can continue to make music on his own terms, with the artistic expression he wants.

– It seems a bit strange to say, but when you get a Spellemann, then you are a recognized musician. So now I just have to keep going.

Read more at here (Norwegian only).

Congratulations! We are really looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Niilas in the future!

Photo: Nikolai Tysse Øberg

During the Ekko Festival 2016 Niilas played the piece “Vinter” on the multi channel array, commissioned by Ekko and BEK. Photo: BEK/Vilde Salhus Røed.
Niilas playing at the event “Electric Sound” at BEK, 2019. Photo: BEK/Laurie Lax.