Electric Sound – Book Presentation and Concert

BEK 28.08.2019 19.0028.08.2019 22.00


Welcome to the autumn kick-off with book presentation and concerts at BEK Wednesday 28th of August! Jøran Rudi’s new book Elektrisk lyd i Norge (Electric Sound in Norway) describes the development of music technology and technology-dependent music in Norway from the early beginnings of the 1930s until 2005. The presentation is followed by two live electric sound concerts with Silje Nes and Peder Niilas.

19:00 Book presentation Jøran Rudi
20:30 Concert Silje Nes
21:00 Concert Peder Niilas

The event is free and open to everyone.
The presentation will be held in Norwegian and/or English as needed.

Images above, in order of appearance: Book cover Elektrisk lyd i Norge, Silje Nes (photo credit Petri Henriksson), Peder Niilas (photo credit Xin Li) and Jøran Rudi.

Jøran Rudi: Electric Sound in Norway

Technology-based sound and music make up a significant part of our mediated everyday life. Sound worlds and forms of music that were perceived as strange and unfamiliar just a few years ago have now become common and recognizable.

Technology has changed how we use and experience music and sound art, and the book sheds light on how technology-based music fits into larger cultural and social change processes. The book begins with radio and ends where social media began to emerge on the Internet around 2005, and is divided into four main sections: Electricity and Radio, With Tape and Scissors, Keyboard and Mouse, and Control and Participation. The short chapter on the development from 2000 onwards shows first and foremost some of the challenges that lie in this field’s future development.

Jøran Rudi has been working with electroacoustic tools since 1982/3, and he has his education in computer music from New York University. During 1993-2010 Rudi was responsible for establishing and developing NOTAM – musical and academic profile, research and development, dissemination and teaching, in addition to administration and economy. NOTAM was the pioneer in digital music in Norway.

Rudi’s research interests have shifted from a technical focus towards historical and contextual aspects of musical and technical development, and he writes mostly about what has happened in Norway. The use of technology in teaching music is currently under-researched, and here he works with both technical and educational perspectives.

Jøran Rudi

Silje Nes

Silje Nes is based in Oslo and Berlin. She takes interest in particular and physical manifestations of sound. In her current work she explores the creation of environments that express a certain autonomy, removed from compositorial processes. She released Ames Room (2007) and Opticks (2010) on FatCat Records. She holds degrees in Philosophy, Design and Sound Studies, and her recent work has been supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, Music Norway and FFUK (Fond for utøvende kunstnere).

Silje Nes

Peder Niilas

Peder Niilas Tårnesvik is a 22-year-old electronica producer from Bergen. He is self-taught and has been working with music and production for the past 6 years. The project was started as a channel for conveying emotions and expressions through electronic contemporary music, and has evolved to become a contributor to both the art world, the underground milieu via club music, and popular culture. Niilas is also part of the creative collective Vibbefanger.