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Nayara Leite

"Latent City - Invisible Fields #1" at Bergen Kjøtt 21.11.2020 14.0021.11.2020 19.00


Nayara Leite will develop a performance for Latent City – Invisible Fields #1, at Bergen Kjøtt 21 November, based on her latest and ongoing project Meus Caros Amigos. The project contains a letter correspondence with 10 close friends in Brazil regarding the situation for the LGBTQ+ community since the election of the self-proclaimed homophobic president Jair Bolsonaro.

This performance will be an adaptation of Meus Caros Amigos – part II, which was most recently shown at KODE 2, Bergen, as part of the group show MA2020 in August. The title of the work is a reference to the song Meu Caro Amigo by Chico Buarque and Francis Hime, which became a subversive symbol of resistance to the military dictatorship in Brazil in 1976.

Nayara Leite (b. 1989, Fortaleza) is a Brazilian visual artist based in Bergen, Norway, whose practice navigates between analogue photography, performance, text, installation and video. Living abroad has made Nayara, in some ways, more patriotic. Being far away internalised her desire to be closer to Brazil. Not physically, but spiritually. She then found a way of making herself more present and actively involved with the Brazilian LGBTQ+ issues that are so close to her heart by producing a dark and often unbearable portrayal of the oppressive reality in which this community lives in her home country.

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Latent City

Latent City presents artistic productions dealing with the city’s hidden stories. Seen through the lens of artistic observation, hidden stories, latent infrastructures and questions of digital presence and of power and democracy in our cities, meet in an exhibition that takes place over three weeks. The Latent City is the city that awaits, the one that is about to unfold, our common future city. 

Several of the art projects are financed or commissioned by BEK, while others are existing works presented in new formats. A video program will be on show throughout the project period and there will be an extensive program of talks and performances. Please read more about the project and the programme here.