BEK 15.05.2019 19.0015.05.2019 22.00


A selection of local and international sound artists, musicians and composers will each compose or improvise a short format multi-channel piece for this event. In order to draw or introduce the audience into diversified acousmatic experiences, this event will be built around a multi-mono wall of speakers. Some acts will be performed live and some will be per-composed and playback.

Morten Poulsen (DK)
Prolonged Pain (NO)
Sarah Tzara Victoria (DK/NO)
+ KMD students (Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen)

Free entrance!

MONO is the following act of 6.1 and HYDRA – the attempt of multi-channel event series curated by Craig Wells and Arthur Hureau in order to re-introduce a wide panel of acousmatic, electroacoustic, noisy, ambient, electronic and glitched listening experiences into Bergen’s sonic milieu.

MONO is co-organized by Arthur Hureau, Craig Wells and BEK, and is the second in a series of three acousmonium concerts. The 6.1-concert was held at BEK May 15th, and the final concert will be held at Rokkansenteret June 7th in collaboration with Griegakademiet (UiB) as the result of a workshop in sound diffusion spatialisation performance led by composer Natasha Barrett. More info will come.