Mayhem Machine @ DIY Synth Fair Incubate Festival

Incubate Festival 13.09.2015 00.0022.09.2015 00.00


From synths the size of a pocket-calculator to fully stacked Euroracks; modular synthesizers are quickly gaining popularity. More and more musicians are creating their own hardware nowadays, in a quest for more creativity and authenticity, and a unique live experience.

This year Incubate will organise a Do It Yourself synth fair in the centre of Tilburg. A place where synth geeks from around the world show and demonstrate the fruits of their labor and teach you how to create your own. An instrument fair meets pop-up store where one can buy ánd build the most original, creative modular synths. Next to the fair there will be workshops, presentations and a panel discussion.

Mayhem Machine is an interactive instrument developed by Marieke Verbiesen that produces synchronised sound, light and animation compositions, controlled by the audience via a custommade interface. The installation features instruments that can be used to control a symbiotic set of animations and sounds, and o ffers tools to further enhance the audiovisual compositions made by its users.
Mayhem machine is designed for interaction, the audience can use its playful tools to invoke “mayhem”. The machine aims to challenge its users to experience audiovisual compositions through a variety of tools designed
for both construction and deconstruction, using playful forms of interaction.