Lost in the wild

Metodistkirken alders- og sykehjem,Freida Fasmers Minne,Søreide seniorsenter 30.01.2012 11.0030.01.2012 12.00


“My father, Alfred loved being outdoors, picking berries, fishing, hiking. When he ended up in a wheelchair, it gave him less and less contact with nature. Parkinson’s meant he also lost his language, but he always wanted to get outside. By budging his body forward he signalized “out, I want out, I want out. “
– Irene Nygårdsvik, Spekulatoriet AS

In 2011 the artist Thorolf Thuestad visited four senior centers in the Bergen area. The aim of the visits was to get residents to provide detailed descriptions of memories associated with the sounds of nature. The sound of wind in the forest in the old neighborhood? A bird that sang at a particular time of year? Furthermore, the work was to construct a soundscape based on the different statements. In some cases, the recordings were made by a specific source, sometimes the memories were used as references to find similar sources in nature. Now the results will be presented for older homes where the interviews were conducted.

BEK has contributed to this project with equipment and studio facilities.

The project is coordinated by Borealis in cooperation with Spekulatoriet and Bergen Turlag. It’s supported by Bergen Kommunes kulturelle spaserstokk and BEK.