Local Objects by The Rural Reading Room

Le Maires Vei 1, Kirkenes 17.08.2013 20.0017.08.2013 21.00


The areas surrounding Kirkenes is a heap of fragmented landscapes from different time periods – a heterogeneous constellation of objects, places and phenomena.

Gathering around the table encourages exploration and conversation. It creates an imaginary space – like a campsite where a fire is built to create a temporary home without walls to protect from the darkness and cold.

Saturday 17.8 we invite to a gathering in Le Maires vei 1 (LM1) in Kirkenes, lasting from 8 to 9 p.m. The program: Theodolite, clay (live), hurdy-gurdy, horisonal lines, readings out load, and more.

Rural Reading Room is organised by Espen Sommer Eide, Hilde Methi, Morten Torgersrud and Kristin Tårnesvik. The project borrows its name from the ‘rural reading rooms’ that were built after the revolution in 1920s Russia. These were thought as peripheral versions of the more wellknown workers clubs. Another reference is Andrey Monastyrsky’s concept of the collective action and the performative object.

Rural Reading Room is supported by Arts Council Norway, North Norwegian Art Center and Sámi Arts Council.